Tuesday, 17 March 2009

New Adventures

There seem to be a lot of my friends who are moving house at le moment so I made this little card to wish them all luck in their new homes :)
I'm sure they're gald they're not moving to a ridiculously tall ligthouse with a door no man could fit a decent sofa through, however it's pretty to look at!
I went for my first cycle of the year today, I love cycling! I was warm enough, there were a couple of highland coo's and the Tay river was still and silvery. It did mean I had less time to doodle but life's too short when the sun is out in Scotland!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous as ever Miss Fe :)

Becca McCallum said...


*confesses to wishing to live in a highly impractical lighthouse*

Just me, the wind, the waves, and a whole pile of cosy eiderdowns.

A good stack of (suitably sea-related) books.

Plenty of tea.

Hampers full of ham sandwiches and boiled eggs and soup and crusty loaves and thick, rich fruitcakes...

Thick socks! (those ones from Toast's Autumn catalogue would do nicely)

Anyone care to join me?