Monday, 22 September 2008

Gone Boating

We LOVE Autumn!!

I'm a bit of an autumn geek, I love the food and colours this time of year. Chris and I went to Faskally woods yesterday near Pitlochry and took it upon ourselves to have a 'boat-out', which I won :)

He who builds the best boat wins and it must be from natural materials. Here is Chris' 'Majesty'. His re-fashioned and more successful version. You may note that he copied my vertical sail idea!

My little boat was christened Chopper, after the rabbit we met later that day. It was such a relaxing way to spend a sunday, although our peaceful but competitive walk was followed by pretty mangy food from Pitlochry, those chips were ming! And the fudge was even worse!

However, this morning I baked a cobbler for a friend at work who has never lived (having never tasted let alone heard of a cobbler). It's similar to apple crumble but instead of the crumble topping you make simple scone like dollops with ground almonds, resembling a cobbled path. Apples are used mainly but brambles, blaeberries, rhubarb and plums would taste yum in this too. As soon as this photo was shot the whole plate had been devoured! I love stewed apples, mmm.
It's another of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's recipes so if anyone wants it let me know and I'll send it on...

Never ever use elderberries! I was so excited about baking with them as there heaps of them around about my flat but my word they are bitter. I was so dissappointed as they looked so pretty with their little garnet coloured berries. I later read somewhere that they are best used for jams and cordials etc, typical!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Go Forth and Make Jam!

Tis the season of the harvest, so I have made an enormous batch of plum and cinnamon jam. I had no idea it would make such a ridiculous amount, be warned!

But look at the colour-Mmm! This time of year is my absolute favourite, the colours of late summer/autumn are too beautiful. In the countryside the fields are maturing to a deep, relaxed ochre and the trees are beginning to turn their annual ambers and crimsons. It's enough to turn a girl romantic!

I am certainly mostly looking forward to the stodgy food of autumn, and the excuse to make plenty of fruit pies. Chutney is next on my list, a first timer to making it I hold no high expectations :)

Before I go, here is an image to remind us of the fading summer days before Autumn is completely upon us...Aaah Harris. This is Horgabost where we spent a few days camping on the dunes. This view is sorely missed as it was so refreshing to wake up to. Go to Harris!