Thursday, 11 September 2008

Go Forth and Make Jam!

Tis the season of the harvest, so I have made an enormous batch of plum and cinnamon jam. I had no idea it would make such a ridiculous amount, be warned!

But look at the colour-Mmm! This time of year is my absolute favourite, the colours of late summer/autumn are too beautiful. In the countryside the fields are maturing to a deep, relaxed ochre and the trees are beginning to turn their annual ambers and crimsons. It's enough to turn a girl romantic!

I am certainly mostly looking forward to the stodgy food of autumn, and the excuse to make plenty of fruit pies. Chutney is next on my list, a first timer to making it I hold no high expectations :)

Before I go, here is an image to remind us of the fading summer days before Autumn is completely upon us...Aaah Harris. This is Horgabost where we spent a few days camping on the dunes. This view is sorely missed as it was so refreshing to wake up to. Go to Harris!


Jen Collins said...

fala, i'm so happy you finally updated! haha.

mmm, you & your kitchen treats good luck with your chutney, i'm sure you'll have no problem. how much jam did you have in the end?!


Fe Louise Coull said...

I had 6 jars worth, do you want one? I can't possibly eat as much as I think I can!

I knew it would be you who left the first message, I too was getting sick of Delia! xx