Tuesday, 17 March 2009

New Adventures

There seem to be a lot of my friends who are moving house at le moment so I made this little card to wish them all luck in their new homes :)
I'm sure they're gald they're not moving to a ridiculously tall ligthouse with a door no man could fit a decent sofa through, however it's pretty to look at!
I went for my first cycle of the year today, I love cycling! I was warm enough, there were a couple of highland coo's and the Tay river was still and silvery. It did mean I had less time to doodle but life's too short when the sun is out in Scotland!

Sunday, 8 March 2009


These little biscuits are traditionally given for Valentines day in Germany, although I'm a little belated in my efforts, they are known as Vanillekipferl which translates as ' Vanilla mountain tops'.
I found this recipe in my new Bible, Rachel Allen's 'Bake'. Although this recipe was very very easy her book is actually a tad more challenging than most of my recipe books - which I love!! If any one would like this recipe please let me know...
These little moons go so well with fresh coffee, which is exactly what I did this afternoon, yum!
It is now so spring like in small subtle ways, I just love it when things start to come back to life. I even saw my first primroses and daffodils today. So inspired by spring and potential daffodils that I surprised myself and bought a bright buttercup yellow dress. If you see a blonde lady in bright yellow frolicking by you any time soon it can be no other than my spring-self!