Monday, 26 January 2009

This one's for Jen

Ever so sorry I have been hibernating this winter and as such have done very little in the way of artistic adventures.

However, having had such a relaxing and generous festive period/birthday I thought a small thank you card to my nearest and dearest was in order. I made this inspired by a baking book photograph, a little different from my usual people pictures I actually really enjoyed doing this one :)

My next challenge is a patchwork...Dum dum dum! My mama bought me a sewing machine for christmas which I am thrilled with and terrified of in equal measure. I'm trying to make a spring based one, in time for spring!? I'll keep you updated on my no doubt sloooooow progress.


Jen Collins said...

this made me smile so fa!

a beautiful picture indeed, no wonder it was lovingly received. can't wait to hear about your patch-working adventures.

Becca McCallum said...

Oh, my mum gave me a sewing machine for christmas too! So far I haven't actually made anything with it (although I completed a pair of red and white wristwarmers). And your illustration is lovely - I particularly like the scales. I have my (greedy) eyes on some grocers' scales in my gran's garage - they are big and green, what's not to like! Anyway, apologies for this enthusiastic and rambly comment.

Fe Louise Coull said...

Oh I'm glad you liked it Rebecca, I love to hear some enthusiasm :)

Wrist warmers are the best, but they did account for a small wrist injury of mine, whihc it has to be said has not yet fully recovered! Dangerous sport so be careful :) x