Friday, 20 June 2008

Strawberries for Celebration

As you can tell from our Harry Potter/ Wiccan gowns it was our graduation yesterday afternoon. And ofcourse how could an alchemist celebrate without ones champagne and strawberries?!

Viv Westwood herself was even in attendance looking more like a High Preistess than any body else there. What hair that woman has, I'd love to be able to carry off 'carrot' in my old age.

There was even a spot of general course reunion in the garden party (below). I cannot quite belive just how quickly four years has gone, warning to all those still at uni! I've been very lucky however and made some fantastic and often truly peculiar (in a good way) friends. Who I hope to bake for on a regular occasion. Speaking of which I really havn't been very creative this past month following the degree show. I must be all arted more day of realxation can't hurt!

1 comment:

Jen Collins said...

the strawberry tarts were amazing! although a bit too much of it got in my hair.

aw, please get the rest of your photos online soon! the last one is brilliant! i don't remember seeing lindsey at all yesterday, boo.