Thursday, 29 May 2008

Spring is Fun!

Degree Show night has been and gone, as you can see from my two amigas here they had a thoroughly brilliant time. The stress of fourth year has now thankfully surpassed, hence the huge grins of glee, but I will miss my girls.

The week itself was a success with all my comrades having a gallery support them and selling the odd bit or two. It was a great excuse not to have one of us bake weekly, but daily!! This accounts for not losing any weight to stress throughout fourth year, a good nutritional tip to potential graduates. Eat home baked cake as much as your stomach will allow, it's good for you!

After all the glamour of degree show week I thought it best to take some time out in nature. This Spring has been exceptionally kind in terms of its sunshine. So generous infact I have been able to dine alfresco three days in a row, for Scotland this is a rarity. One of these occasions took me to Dunkeld where I found these happy scenes:

I had no idea Dunkeld had a bluebell wood! Incase you want to find it, it's behind the cathedral next to Papa Larch, the daddy of all perthshire larch trees. The wee chap on the left was a keen duck feeder despite them being a bit rough and beaky.

I hope spring is inspiring you all!


Jen Collins said...

hooray, you updated! it sounds like you've been having some lovely time off so far. (:


Jen Collins said...

fa! i have a book by rob ryan (the one who did the print/cut-out on the side there), i think you will love it!

Fe Louise Coull said...

I certainly would love it!! Could I possibly borrow it and fall in love? xx

Jen Collins said...

yes you certainly may. hopefully this means i will see you some time soon in order to lend you it! x