Sunday, 30 March 2008


The countdown has begun - five weeks to go until degree show 2008. I'm hoping to have all the work I planned finished by this time, which seems to always take me a lot longer than I had anticipated. I think I must work at the rate of a sloth.

This here is my postcard image, which unbelievably took a lot of tweaking and probably will still print very differently. I chose this image as it's one that I did at the beginning of fourth year, but eight months on with a splash of strawberry tartan it has much more character.

After Uni I would like to keep this theme going and apply it not only to traveller imagery but to themes such as history, flora, fauna, baking, and unsurprisingly tea drinking. Preferably they would be related to Scotland, requiring many a mini break to an isolated west coast island.

1 comment:

jen collins said...

sloths are beautiful, so, you win!

lovely postcard image my dear, i'm hoping to get mine sent off tomorrow. how scary will the next few weeks be! i have ever so much to do, but i will prevail, as you you & everyone. (: