Saturday, 22 March 2008

Easter - another baking excuse!

Who doesn't love easter related sweets? To make a change from chocolate eggs I decided to make these little gems and force feed my family when I go home this weekend. I'm sure they won't mind overly?

Traditionally eggs were used to represent fertitility, which the Christians adopted to symbolise their saviour's resurrection. In Germany eggs are painted green and eaten on Maudy Thursday. Meanwhile they are painted red in Greece to represent Christ's blood. In Britain the practice of painting eggs bold colours dates back to the middle ages to celebrate the reurn of sunshine in spring!

I however have chosen to celebrate sweet-tooths, and free weekends. Although I always welcome the resurgence of colour that springtime brings. Happy Easter!


Jen Collins said...

have a swell time at home lovely lady.

jo-ann said...

My goodness fe! I dont think there was so many cakes on this site since i last came on!...but they are all looking mighty delicious might I say..mmm-hmmm

Emily Boyd said...

You and You're Cakes!

Between that and huskies you must have had the best weekend ever!

(Maybe you should go husky training rather than slouth training!)


Hollie said...

I think you should start popping recipes up here with your photos if you have the time. All there cakes look so yummy :)