Monday, 27 July 2009

The Cloud Maker and Joe

Joe had finally found the cloud was Edgar the man of old blowing his brass horn.

"The surest way to create a cloud is to imagine the lightest, fluffiest, yummiest food...what are you thinking of?", replied Old Edgar.


I met a chap in Vancouver who told me a tale about Joe and his obsessive search for the clouds and how best he could be among them. I won't ruin the ending but he finds that he just needed a little imagination instead of straining so hard to see them.

It was a good story so I have been trying to capture it in a picture but it never seems to quite hit the spot. This is the closest I have got to it so far. I have to say that Edgar seems like quite a chap,I bet he's seen a few things in his line of work!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Fe - I love those colours :)

Fe Louise Coull said...

Thanks bobski :)

I was attempting to paint a smidge with some inks,it's just so damn difficult!

Worth a go though and it didn't turn out as badly as the rest!