Sunday, 19 April 2009


A fine day to finish a fine quilt, my first ever. It was surprisingly straight forward and that includes a sewing machine initiation!
The colours and textiles I chose were inspired by Spring and I beavered away so it could be ready in time for this spring which we are now in the throws of, and isn't it brilliant to see things grow again?! Although really I am being rather hen like and making myself more of a nest than a practical bed cover - it's too warm for a damn padded quilt! A bed just doesn't look the same without a patchwork however...
Not put off by the year long process (think how expensive that would be if I charged for time), I've been thoroughly inspired to make another one, but this time I think I may try and do something more like a wall hanging, hmm....Does anyone else make quilty things? Perhaps this is absoloutely the wrong season to be asking this?!


Jen Collins said...

fe! it's beautiful! well done!

Emily Boyd said...

Beautiful dear! Glad you finally made your long awaited quilt.

Hope you're well!


Ebba Redman said...

Hi Fe,
That is a very lovely quilt!
I have been saving up fabric for ages with the aim of making a quilt at some point. Think I will use the sewing machine a lot though!!
Maybe get some quilt making advice off you if you are coming to the degree show?


Fe Louise Coull said...

I'm sorry Ebba I hadn't seen this comment!

I'm not the girl toask advice from, but my mum is pretty hot on the subject so feel free to ask and I'll pass it on :)

Hope the degree show was a great success?

Becca McCallum said...

That is a beautiful quilt - lovely and spring-like. I've been trying to make a quilt with a friend but it's finding the time to actually piece all the bits together that's the problem!