Sunday, 19 April 2009

EASTER TART - not me!

Baking can make you look like a crazy lady. Although you can't see much of this chocolate tart you can see how delighted I am that I am about to share this with my hungry friends and get very fat on cake in the sun.
It's (again) a Rachel Allen inspired tart, she probably has it on her website but if not I can send you the recipe. It's sweet-shortcrust pastry filled with a mixed milk and dark chocolate fondant centre and silly but delicous mini eggs on the top. I had enough left over to make a little heart shaped tart which would actually make a lovely present if you weren't greedy like me and wanted to keep at least a wedge of it for yourself....
The hot cross buns were less of a hit and more like hot cross rocks so they don't feature on the blog this time, but I won't be beaten! Any recipes for these anyone?


Haley and Cicely said...

That tart was so delish, mmm! I wish I had some now!

Sanna Dyker said...

That tart sounds delicious. The title of this post, haha! xxx