Friday, 7 November 2008

It's all in the wrist

Recently I was victim to a knitting injury-yes, knitting induced! These mittens were harmless enough but when I enthusiastically began the next purple pair I sprained my dear right wrist. So I will just have to wait until part two of the mitten ensemble and make do with mittens-one, a lovely autumn sky blue colour. And they really do keep your paws toasty.

Has anyone noticed the sky recently? I havn't been out in the afternoons as much as I would like, which is everyday :) but I have been out and about often enough to see a few good skies. The Sidlaws is a secret hilly haven for walkers. I discovered them last Sunday where I found this:

A wispy, mitten blue sky with a bit of fire thown in. It sounds like a bad wine, or a dulux gloss...? Nevertheless you should try and stumble across one, good for the soul no doubt...


Jen Collins said...

hooray, a fa update! lovely wrist-warmers, perhaps something i should tackle? maybe should finish my sisters scarf first however... if you have a pattern, let me know! if you don't... teach me! hope your wrist feels better.

Fe Louise Coull said...

thanks jen :) I have no pattern I just knitted as though a scarf but when I finished I sewed it up the seam leaving space for a thumb...sounds fiddly but seriously easy xx