Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Delia's dirty little cheat

Today was always planned as a quickie, as I had to nip off to play football in the eve. And so to one of my favourite quickies - tortillini filled with something (pesto on this occassion, it was meant to be spinich but I picked it up by mistake. Realised it doesn't matter though as this one tastes just the same). This was then mixed up with some kindly pre made tomato & mascarpone sauce. True to Delia's word the whole experience was over in under 10 minutes, including the eating part.

Some thought was put into the presentation however, you'll note the cheekily placed parsley (I think, could be some other herb) nestled on the side. Again, as with the butter yesterday this was merely a pose for the cameras.

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Anonymous said...

It's all in the finishing touches Chris, as you have clearly demonstated here with your creative use of the parsley! Beautiful!