Monday, 30 June 2008

A week and a day - Day 1

Hi, my name is Chris, and in Fe's absence I am hijacking this blog (it's ok, Fe knows) with my own tales of success and woes in the culinary world. From the content of this blog you would be right in assuming I don't have much influence on what goes on in the kitchen - but alas, with Fe away in London for a week I've been left to my own devices with full decision making authority.

So it is to Day 1 of my adventure. With little ingredients available until I went shopping later I was left with just the basics. I was however able to source an important item from the cupboard - potato, which was later to be mashed. Accompanying this was a hooped version of tinned spaghetti which I've been keeping spare for this very situation, and some peas. Please note the wedge of butter resting upon the peas - this was done purely for its photographic qualities.

Had I had fish fingers and gravy available, my all time favourite meal would have been before me (another time perhaps).


Jen Collins said...

beautiful. i look forward to your fish fingers & gravy entry.

Anonymous said...

Such a culinary talent, and such a way with words - perhaps you should consider a blog dedicated entirely to the more humble ingredients - maybe even just tatties!