Friday, 29 February 2008

Cake for a friend

Blue and cream, they go together as well as blueberries and soft cheese icing. I made this hearty tea time stomach bulger for a beautiful travelling lady called Jess Smith. She and her man Davie were great hosts, and made me feel really relaxed and welcome.
I've suddenly realised, quite late actually that fruit and baking are my favourite things to create in le kitchen and this area is teeming with hedgerow pickings in the autumn. This could become quite an addictive past-time...


Anonymous said...

This looks so unbelievably yummy Fe! Baking appears to be a reccurring theme on your blog! Such a feast for the eyes :) Have a lovely day cherie, speak soon, love bob x

Hollie said...

Hey fe,

I've been popping into your other blog with lindsey and bob and only just discovered you have your own, silly me!

I fully expect one of these the next time it's your turn on cake day :)