Thursday, 24 January 2008


Salut! My name is Fe, I make Jewellery and enjoy creating many things that make me and my friends happy. Here is a brooch I made for the Christmas fair, a cute tea cup enamelled a delicious shade of duck egg blue. Hydrangea's are so good at that time of year...


Lisa J. Murphy said...

Ooh hello! Have been keeping a wee eye on 'Twee Three' for a wee while after Sandra Wilson introduced us 2nd years to the world of blogging! Trying to keep it up! long it will last I don't know! How's your degree show collection going?! x

Fe Louise Coull said...

Why Hello :)

It's going slowly but surely thank you, bit well actually really nerve wracking!

How are you finding 2nd year? Blogging is brillaint fun I recommend it to one and all xx